Mr. Brainwash – Graffiti Artist

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Mr. Brainwash – Graffiti Artist

Creating Tattoo Art – A Way To Express Yourself

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In today’s society, people are focusing much more on body art. Tattooing is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. In fact, there are so many people wanting to learn how to become a tattoo artist; that classes are now offered at local community colleges. However, it is not enough to simply put a needle to someone’s skin and start adding ink. There are many things that anyone who wants to tattoo needs to know, and many tools they need to have. First, learn that if you can’t draw very well you need to improve that skill. Drawing is one of the most important parts of tattooing, in most people’s opinion. Next, you will need to purchase sanitation and sterilization products. You can easily find these on the internet or at your local shop. After purchasing those products, a beginning tattoo artist should have two machines: a liner and a shader. Now...

The Salvador Dali Museum – Florida

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Designing Artwork for Websites and Advertising

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When designing artwork for website development or advertising, you will always need good photo & image editing software. The reason is you will more than likely need to resize, rename, brighten, darken your images, and a host of other edits that are involved when publishing images and artwork designs online. The size of your images has a lot to do with publishing art designs online to websites too. Not so much the actual size of the images length and width, but the size of the file itself in actual kilobytes. You don’t want to publish huge files to websites. This would cause a website to load slowly and have poor performance compared to other websites online. Creating art online is fairly easy to start doing for anyone. Many companies offer free 30 day trials of all products they have. This gives people the chance to get started creating digital art with their computer for...

The Painter Genius Who Cut Off His Own Ear

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Well known throughout the world to people as, “a tortured genius”. Vincent Van Gogh, who is believed to have cut off his own ear; even though two historians claim that he lost it in a fight with a French artist, who was presumed to be Van Gogh’s friend. No one really knows what exactly happened and Van Gogh was a rather recluse person into his later years of his career as an artist. It is said by most to be true that the disturbed painter presented the severed ear to a prostitute, then went home to sleep, and reportedly nearly bled to death. It could be that the same prostitute Van Gogh handed his own severed ear to. May have saved the artist’s life, by alerting the authorities of the events that had transpired. He was quickly taken to a doctor, where he requested to see his friend Gauguin when he woke up, but Gauguin refused to see him. This is where most...