Creating Art – Oil Based Paintings

By on Sep 1, 2013 in Tips

Creating Art – Oil Based Paintings

Oil based paintings are a very popular form of the paint and canvas style of artistic painting. Oil based paints are different to work with than say, water based paints. Oil based paints are considered much harder to work with, and can create fantastic texture in the paintings you create with them. Oil paintings typically have a richer, deeper appreciation for color, depth and realism. There are techniques in oil artwork that you will never see in any other painting style.

Oil Painting by Jarduli

The result of the video above: an oil painting by Jarduli.

To create your own oil painting all you really need is: a canvas of some sort, a few paint brushes and of course, and oil based paint. You should try to purchase a good amount of different color paints. So you can mix the oil based paint for desired color effects and tones.

There are several tips and tools available online about how to create an oil based painting. Some artists even make their own oil based paint to use in their artwork. Some artists make their own canvas for painting on too. If you do try to make your own canvas, make sure you stretch the canvas before painting on it.

Photo: Brush Supply by DoodleDeMoon

Brush Supply by DoodleDeMoon