Creating Tattoo Art – A Way To Express Yourself

By on Oct 26, 2013 in Tips

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In today’s society, people are focusing much more on body art. Tattooing is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. In fact, there are so many people wanting to learn how to become a tattoo artist; that classes are now offered at local community colleges. However, it is not enough to simply put a needle to someone’s skin and start adding ink. There are many things that anyone who wants to tattoo needs to know, and many tools they need to have.

First, learn that if you can’t draw very well you need to improve that skill. Drawing is one of the most important parts of tattooing, in most people’s opinion. Next, you will need to purchase sanitation and sterilization products. You can easily find these on the internet or at your local shop. After purchasing those products, a beginning tattoo artist should have two machines: a liner and a shader. Now it’s time to purchase needles, ink, tubes, ink trays, ink cups, rubber bands, and grommets to complete your beginners tattoo kit.

Tattoo artist at work

Now you need some fake skin to practice on. I would recommend using all kinds of different designs, colors, and needles to tattoo this skin so that you can find what works best for you. Once you feel confident enough in yourself, set up your first appointment, and get started.

Tattoo artist Brandon Munday at work

As you can see, tattooing is a lot more than just getting some ink, a machine, some needles and putting them to someone’s skin. That’s a good way to never make another appointment again. In today’s world body art is a way to express yourself in case you can’t paint or sculpt very well.