Designing Artwork for Websites and Advertising

By on Sep 21, 2013 in Online, Tips

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When designing artwork for website development or advertising, you will always need good photo & image editing software. The reason is you will more than likely need to resize, rename, brighten, darken your images, and a host of other edits that are involved when publishing images and artwork designs online.

The size of your images has a lot to do with publishing art designs online to websites too. Not so much the actual size of the images length and width, but the size of the file itself in actual kilobytes. You don’t want to publish huge files to websites. This would cause a website to load slowly and have poor performance compared to other websites online.

Charlize Theron by Charis Tsevis

Charlize Theron by Charis Tsevis

Creating art online is fairly easy to start doing for anyone. Many companies offer free 30 day trials of all products they have. This gives people the chance to get started creating digital art with their computer for free. Being able to create and manipulate digital images will help you when you post content online. Everyone that is into art and design should learn the basics of image editing.