Famous Banksy mural mistakenly destroyed by authorities

By on Oct 15, 2014 in Artists

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Last week authorities in southern England admitted to removing a famous Banksy mural after getting complaints about the graffiti from locals.

Later they admitted to not knowing who’s work it actually was. Oops…



At Clacton-on-Sea we (used to) find a mural portraying pigeons carrying signs with anti-immigrants texts written on them such as ‘immigrants not welcome’ and ‘go back to Africa’.

The world famous artist is quite known for fetching attention with his often provocative, satirical yet insanely creative works although his true identity remains a mystery up until this very day.

The work in Clacton-on-Sea was removed after authorities received an increasing amount of complaints about the ‘racist’ nature of the graffiti on the wall.

Tendring Council spokesman Nigel Brown is letting us know that they did make a ‘mistake’ and would love to have Banksy come back and spice up the town here and there. According to Brown, the city council is not against Banksy or any kind of murals that can be perceived as works of art!