The Salvador Dali Museum – Florida

By on Oct 17, 2013 in Artists, Expositions

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The Salvador Dali Museum is unique and impressive. Dali’s artwork is displayed throughout the museum. The museum that was once classically designed, yet thoroughly creative. Now speaks volumes in the use of geometry and the astonishing flow of glass from the fractured center of the building. You must visit the museum to experience the feel of the new museum design.

The Dali Museum in St. Pete Florida, is a standing siren of the arts’ community in downtown St. Petersburg. There are several Cafes to Gala and stroll to. There is a garden labyrinth at the art museum too. Dali fans have generally been a bit fantastical about his artwork. Any fans of Dali would be ecstatic with the experience, if they were ever to visit the Dali Museum. Salvador Dali always invited people to look beyond. You can always take a virtual tour of the Dali art museum online.

Salvador Dali